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Private SPA Phuket

Swimming pool with neck massage

If your desire is to relax, the perfect solution is the swimming pool with neck massage, ideal both for letting yourself be lulled by a pleasant massage and for relieving discomfort from bad posture and tension after a long day at work.

Relaxation bed and herbal tea room

A large and comfortable bed to relax in your personal SPA.

In addition, herbal tea service directly in your room, with herbal teas and infusions to purify your body, thus giving you a complete wellness experience. 


Emotional shower

The emotional shower is a particular practice that combines chromotherapy and aromatherapy combined with a jet of water. In this way it is possible to obtain, in addition to an improvement in physical well-being, that of the mind and psyche.

You can experience it in our private SPAs and it is a regenerating experience, especially if followed by a sauna.

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna or "dry sauna" and the original sauna in which the temperature can reach 80-100°C, inducing abundant perspiration of the skin, while the humidity does not exceed 10-20%.

Provides relief from nervous tension and general relaxation; the enveloping heat of the Finnish sauna relaxes muscles and joints; abundant sweating eliminates impurities and removes the layer of dead cells


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